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Why a Marco Rubio Presidency Would Be a Disaster for Nevada Families

Las Vegas, NVToday, in response to Marco Rubio’s announcement that he will run for president, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange declared that a Rubio presidency would be a disaster for Nevada families.

“Families in Nevada want a living wage that will help them build a better life, opportunities for their children to get ahead, and security and dignity in their golden years. On every front, Marco Rubio would make these things harder for Nevada families to achieve,” said Roberta Lange, Chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party. “His tax plan would raise taxes on hardworking families, making it harder to save for the future, while showering new tax breaks on the richest Americans and largest corporations. He’s called raising the minimum wage ‘silly,’ and voted against a measure that would help ensure equal pay for women, calling it ‘wasting time.’ As a Senator, Rubio has also voted to slash college aid, including Pell Grants, making it harder for Nevadans to put their kids through college. He has floated a plan similar to George W. Bush’s scheme to privatize Social Security, and supports turning Medicare into a voucher system, which could increase out-of-pocket costs for seniors. Marco Rubio has packaged himself as a fresh new face in politics, but his record shows the same old trickle-down economic theories that have failed the middle class for generations.”

In addition to his backwards economic policies, Rubio’s opposition to comprehensive immigration reform has weakened his popularity with Latino voters, which will be problematic in Nevada whereone-in-four residents are Hispanic or Latino. After voting in favor of the bipartisan immigration reform bill, Rubio then reversed his position and called on fellow Washington Republicans to ditchcomprehensive immigration reform. Rubio even opposes deportation relief that keeps families together.

Finally, despite serving on two Senate committees dealing with international affairs, Rubio’s record on foreign policy has been reckless, especially in the Middle East. Recently, as the U.S. was negotiating a nuclear deal to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, Rubio signed a letter to the Iran government undermining the official U.S. position, and then used the letter to further his own political ambitions as a fundraising appeal. After Osama Bin Laden was killed, Rubio publicly called for a hearing on the U.S. relationship with Pakistan, only to skip the classified hearing for a fundraising trip. Even with the benefit of hindsight, Rubio said we are better off because of George W. Bush’s war in Iraq.