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Kirner, Roberson Use Same Talking Points to Spin Attacks on Middle Class

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Las Vegas, NV – Moments ago, in a hearing in the Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee, GOP Assemblyman Randy Kirner said Republicans were trying to “restore balance” in their multiple bills attacking middle class families.  Sound familiar?  If so, you must be paying attention to the former Tom DeLay operative behind the curtain who apparently wrote Kirner’s talking points.  Two weeks ago, GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson told a Republican audience that Republicans weren’t declaring war on the middle class, just trying to “rebalance the scales.” Actually, Republicans are trying to tip the scales against the middle class and towards the wealthy and special interests.

From eliminating the minimum wage for construction workers, to gutting overtime pay for middle class workers, to repealing the minimum wage from Nevada’s constitution, to a handout to Roberson’s campaign donors being the first bill the legislature sent to Governor Sandoval, the Republican attacks on the middle class have been coming from Day 1 of the legislative session.

“There is no ‘balance’ in Michael Roberson and legislative Republicans’ relentless assault on middle class families,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Michael Roberson and his Republican cronies are trying to tilt the scales in favor of big corporations and the special interests who bankroll Republicans’ campaign coffers.”