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Meet The “New Nevada”

Las Vegas, NV – We don’t say this often, but Governor Sandoval is right.  There is a “New Nevada” – just not in the way the Governor means it.  Or spells it.

Anyways, we must admit, there is certainly something “new” with Nevada Republicans.  Because while turning Nevada into a nuclear waste dump might be an old idea, the fact that almost every Republican in Nevada’s congressional delegation either supports Yucca, or is open to supporting it, is something very “new” indeed.

Accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy wrote an op-ed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal this past weekend essentially expressing support for reopening Yucca.  Rep. Joe Heck quickly tried to throw what he thought was a lifeboat — but was really an anchor to his one term colleague– when Heck opened the door for his own support of turning Nevada into a nuclear waste dump.  And as for career politician and lobbyist Mark Amodei – well, to say he supports Yucca would be like saying he lobbied for an industry while voting on legislation affecting that industry in the legislature.

Seriously, if you don’t believe us that this level of support for Yucca among the congressional delegation is unprecedented, consider this: proving the theory that broken clocks are right twice a day, even Jon Porter, John Ensign, and Ensign’s old pal Dean Heller disagree with Hardy, Heck, and Amodei and oppose Yucca.

Side note: given Republicans’ “New Nevada” on Yucca Mountain, it makes us wonder where a certain GOP Senate boss and former Tom DeLay operative stands on dumping nuclear waste into Nevada.  After all, Senator Michael Roberson hasn’t been shy about taking positions on other federal issues in the past…

“Thanks to the work of Nevada Senator Harry Reid, Yucca Mountain is dead and buried, but apparently some Nevada Republicans didn’t get the memo,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Unfortunately, the ‘New Nevada’ Republicans love to talk about is less about education funding and more about divisive social issues, repealing the minimum wage, and turning Nevada into a nuclear waste dump.  The reality is: Republicans like Cresent Hardy, Joe Heck, and Mark Amodei are trying to resurrect a partisan fight that threatens years of work by Senator Reid and others, while putting partisan politics ahead of the health and safety of Nevada families.”