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Roberson Bill Would Allow Criminals to Undergo Background Checks, If The Criminals Want One

Las Vegas, NV – Today, absentee Senator Greg Brower’s Senate Judiciary committee will hold a hearing on GOP Senate boss and former Tom DeLay operative Michael Roberson’s proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases – if the criminals want a background check, that is.

That’s right.  Roberson wants to let criminals decide for themselves on whether they should undergo a background check before buying a gun.  Even worse – in the case a criminal decides, “Hey, I want to undergo a background check before I buy this gun,” Roberson is actually proposing that the taxpayers pick up the tab for the background check, not the criminal.

“While we admire the lack of cynicism in Senator Roberson’s apparent trust in convicted felons to act in good faith, consider us skeptical that they would voluntarily choose to submit to a background check,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Roberson’s fake background checks bill not only assumes criminals will choose to voluntarily submit to a background check, but it asks the taxpayers to foot the bill for it.  Michael Roberson’s bill has nothing to do with keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and everything to do with him trying to paper over his multiple votes against criminal background checks.”