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NV Dems Submit Michael Roberson’s Resume to Koch Brothers for Reno Job Listing

Dear Koch Brothers,

This morning, Jon Ralston reported that you were hiring in the Reno area.  Your timing couldn’t be better as there is a candidate currently in Northern Nevada who clearly meets your criteria of gutting middle class families’ pay checks while giving handouts to big corporations and special interests who donate to his campaign.  His name is Michael Roberson, and he is presently the Republican Leader of the Nevada State Senate.

You may remember him from his time as a partisan Washington operative who worked for people like Tom DeLay.  Or his time as a lawyer in Kansas where…well no one really knows what he did in Kansas… yet.  But we digress.  It’s Michael Roberson’s time in Nevada where you will truly be impressed.  In just the first six weeks of the 2015 Nevada legislative session, Senator Roberson and his Republican caucus have:

Jammed through a bill that will hurt Nevada homeowners and help Roberson’s wealthy campaign donors.

Proposed repealing the minimum wage from Nevada’s constitution.

Repealed Nevada’s minimum wage for construction workers.

Proposed gutting overtime pay for middle class families.

Proposed legislation to restrict the ability for construction workers to recover unpaid wages.

Proposed allowing employers to not pay independent contractors the minimum wage.

If Michael Roberson can do all that for special interests who have donated a mere half a million dollars to his campaign committees, imagine what he can do for billionaires like you!  And don’t you worry about him being too timid to push your priorities just because he works for you.  In fact, Roberson’s law firm lobbied for many of the previously mentioned bills that his caucus proposed!

Out of our sincere desire to see that your employees are fully committed to your anti-middle class agenda, we are submitting this cover letter, along with Senator Roberson’s resume and references to you on his behalf.  We assure you, no one will work harder to ensure middle class families are paid less so billionaires like you are paid more than Michael Roberson.


The Nevada State Democratic Party


Michael Roberson


Strong commitment to drafting and passing legislation to financially benefit corporations and special interests who have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to my campaign.

Shameless ability to propose legislation that would allow domestic abusers to carry concealed weapons while simultaneously labeling the proposal “domestic violence legislation.”

Unfailing ability to change my entire belief system at will to benefit my ambitions.


Ensured the first bill signed into law by the Governor this legislative session was a handout to my campaign donors – Oversaw a caucus that has the rare distinction of actually proposing to lower the minimum wage – Hijacked what had been a bipartisan school construction bill to include provisions repealing the minimum wage for construction workers – Held three hearings in one day on three different bills that gutted paychecks for middle class families.

Professional History:

Nevada State Senator and special interest handout advocate, 2010-Present

Of Counsel Attorney, Kolesar Latham Law and Lobbying Firm, 2010-Present

Operative, former United States Senator Trent Lott, 1990’s

Operative, former indicted Congressman Tom DeLay, 1990’s


Monte Miller
Chairman, Keystone Corporation
[email protected]

Chuck Muth
Former Executive Director, Nevada Republican Party
[email protected]