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Roberson’s GOP Senate Proposes Repealing the Minimum Wage Amendment From NV Constitution

Las Vegas, NV – Today, on the same day Senate and Assembly Democrats unveiled their Nevada Blueprint to move Nevada forward by ensuring fair wages, better schools, and economic opportunity for everyone, not just the wealthy, GOP Senate boss and former Tom DeLay operative Michael Roberson’s Republican Senate proposed repealing the minimum wage law in Nevada’s constitution.  This comes hours after Republicans held hearings on two other bills that would allow corporations to steal from the paychecks of middle class families.

“Nothing could further highlight the contrast between Democrats and Republicans than this out of touch proposal to repeal the minimum wage amendment from Nevada’s constitution,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “While Democrats today unveiled their blueprint to improve education and raise the minimum wage, Michael Roberson’s Republican Senate spent today trying to protect corporations that have cheated Nevada workers out of their paychecks.  Now, legislative Republicans are proposing to repeal the minimum wage amendment from Nevada’s constitution all together.  Nevada’s middle class families saw yet again today that Michael Roberson and Republicans in the legislature can’t be trusted to fight for them.”