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Another Week, Another Bill by Roberson & GOP to Steal Money Out of the Pockets of the Middle Class

Las Vegas, NV – Today, former Tom DeLay operative and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson’s Republican Senators will hold a series of hearings on bills that would straight up take money directly out of the pockets of middle class families and those struggling to make it.

The bills, SB 223, SB 224, and SJR 6, would do away with class actions by workers to recover pay for minimum wage violations by employers, weaken minimum wage protections of independent contractors, and enshrine protections in Nevada’s constitution for corporations that cheat Nevada workers out of receiving the minimum wage.  This comes only days after Roberson and legislative Republicans rammed through a bill that would gut the pay of Nevada workers on construction job sites.

To sum up: all of these bills being heard by Roberson’s Republican Senators tomorrow serve one purpose: to allow big corporations to cheat Nevada workers out of their paychecks.

“Another week, another bill by Michael Roberson and Nevada Republicans to steal money out of the pockets of middle class families,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “While legislative Democrats are fighting for better schools and ensuring everyone has a fair shot at success, not just the wealthy, Michael Roberson and Republicans in the legislature continue to side with big corporations and Roberson’s special interest campaign donors over Nevada’s middle class.  Today’s hearings again make clear that there are no lengths Michael Roberson and legislative Republicans won’t go through — including amending the state constitution — to cut the paychecks of middle class families and those struggling to make it.”