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Michael Roberson Bill Gutting Fair Pay Signed Into Law

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson released the following statement after former Tom DeLay operative and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson’s legislation to gut fair pay for the middle class was signed into law:

“This bill make clear that for Michael Roberson and Nevada Republicans, it was always about gutting the pay checks of middle class families, not building more schools.  From proposing a bill to gut overtime pay for Nevada workers, to passing a construction defect bill that will hurt Nevada homeowners and help Roberson’s campaign donors, to yesterday’s vote to essentially give the middle class a pay cut, Michael Roberson and Nevada Republicans have relentlessly targeted the Nevadans who need help the most while rewarding the wealthy corporations and special interests who bankroll Roberson’s campaigns.  Despite the rhetoric coming from Michael Roberson and Nevada Republicans, this hasn’t been the ‘education session.’ It’s been the ‘throw the middle class under the bus’ session.”