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Roberson GOP Senate’s Bill Gutting Overtime Pay: Latest Assault on the Middle Class

Las Vegas, NV – If only people relying on overtime pay were able to give six-figure campaign contributions to Roberson’s bank account…  Today, former Tom DeLay operative and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson’s cronies on the Nevada Senate Commerce and Labor Committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 193, legislation that would gut overtime pay for middle class families.  The bill would remove overtime pay for workers who work longer than an 8-hour workday.

This comes after Roberson pushed to gut fair pay protections on construction job sites, advocated for legislation that would allow domestic abusers to carry concealed weapons, and tried to paper over his previous opposition to paycheck fairness by pushing a toothless equal pay bill.  Oh — and jamming through the legislature a construction defect bill that will hurt Nevada homeowners while helping Roberson’s wealthy campaign donors.

“It seems the only Nevadans legislative Republicans aren’t trying to hurt this session are the ones who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to Michael Roberson’s campaign committees,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “After voting to gut fair pay for middle class families, Michael Roberson’s Senate Republicans are now trying to take away hard-earned overtime pay for Nevada workers.  Michael Roberson and legislative Republicans might as well have painted a giant target on the backs of Nevada’s middle class families this session.”