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EXPOSED: Roberson’s Excuses for Including Fair Pay Cuts Fall Flat as Clean School Construction Bill Passes the Legislature

Las Vegas, NV – Today, weeks of Michael Roberson’s phony excuses were exposed when the legislature passed a clean school construction bill without Roberson’s language gutting fair pay requirements for the middle class.  Clearly, given the passage of a clean bill, there is one — and only one — reason the cuts to prevailing wage were originally included in the school construction bill: Michael Roberson wanted them in there.

“Michael Roberson’s phony excuses about needing the fair pay cuts included in the school construction bill have been exposed today when the legislature passed a clean bill,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Roberson knew a clean bill had the votes to pass the legislature and the only explanation for including these cuts was because Roberson wanted them in there.  Michael Roberson has proven yet again that Nevada’s middle class can’t trust him to fight for them.”