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Michael Roberson and Senate Republicans’ Real Record on Fair Pay for the Middle Class

Las Vegas, NV – Today, GOP Senate boss and former Tom DeLay operative Michael Roberson will hold a stunt hearing in what is nothing more than an attempt to paper over Roberson’s hostile record towards women and middle class families.  Last week, Senator Pat Spearman called on Republicans to sign on to legislative Democrats’ equal pay bill that will help ensure paycheck fairness for the middle class.  To this date, not a single Republican has signed on.  Instead, Republicans are holding a hearing today on Roberson’s toothless equal pay bill designed to distract Nevadans from Roberson’s previous opposition to equal pay legislation.

If you want to know where Roberson and Senate Republicans stand on ensuring paycheck fairness, take a quick look at what else they are considering this week.  This Wednesday, March 4, Roberson’s Senate Legislative Operations and Elections Committee will hold a hearing on their constitutional bailout for large corporations that have been cheating Nevada workers out of the minimum wage. 

Senate Joint Resolution 6 would allow corporations to circumvent Nevada’s minimum wage law and force low-wage workers to potentially pay several times the currently allowable rate for health benefits from their employers.  Last year, news broke that many large corporations were skirting Nevada law by underpaying the minimum wage but offering only “junk insurance” that isn’t even considered legal under federal law because it provides next to no coverage for illness or injury.  Essentially: large corporations have been cheating Nevada workers out of the full minimum wage without offering any semblance of adequate health insurance. Now, Senate Republicans are apparently trying to bail them out with a constitutional amendment.

“Today’s show hearing on equal pay is nothing more than a stunt designed to distract from Michael Roberson’s real record on the issues that matter to women and middle class families,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Michael Roberson is so clueless on the issue of equal pay that he actually said women do not suffer from pay discrimination and just a few weeks ago voted with Senate Republicans to kill critical wage protections that help ensure women receive equal pay for equal work on construction job sites.  Now, he and Senate Republicans plan to hold a hearing later this week on their constitutional bailout for large corporations that are cheating Nevada workers out of fair pay.  The rhetoric coming from Senate Republicans today should be seen within the context of what it is: a cynical attempt to pull the wool over Nevadans’ eyes on Michael Roberson’s record of siding with big corporations and special interests over middle class families.”

Watch Michael Roberson in his own words discuss pay discrimination.