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MEMO: Roberson practices Washington Republican-style politics in holding school construction funding hostage

To: Interested Parties
From: Nevada State Democratic Party
Subject: MEMO: Roberson practices Washington Republican-style politics in holding school construction funding hostage
Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015

As Washington Republicans continue to follow a pattern of holding government funding hostage to pass partisan bills that would tear families apart or repeal the Affordable Care Act, their strategy of attaching divisive and partisan proposals to normally noncontroversial and bipartisan legislation is being echoed by Republicans in the state of Nevada.

Today, Assembly Republicans held a hearing on Nevada Republican Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson’s “school construction” legislation.  The bill, Senate bill 119, guts prevailing wage requirements for working families.  It didn’t have to be this way.  Senate Democrats introduced an amendment stripping the controversial provisions of the bill and making it a clean school construction bill.  Roberson and every Senate Republican voted against the measure.

What Michael Roberson is orchestrating in Nevada is no different than what Republicans in Washington DC are doing – holding something hostage at the detriment of another.  There is no reason to tie the construction of new schools – something we can all agree on – to gutting wages for Nevada workers. The only reason to do this is if you care more about gutting wages for Nevada workers than you do about school construction.

If Michael Roberson cared so much about school construction, why wouldn’t he just bring that bill up itself? Republicans control both legislative chambers and the governorship so what’s his excuse?

This isn’t the only bill where Michael Roberson is holding hostage good legislation to passing proposals that are bad – and in some cases dangerous – for Nevada families.  Just yesterday, Roberson held a hearing on what he claimed to be a domestic violence bill but in reality is a laundry list of right-wing gun legislation that would expand “stand your ground” laws and make it easier for domestic abusers and stalkers to carry concealed weapons in our communities.

Again – there is no reason to hold things we should all agree on – like building schools and protecting domestic violence victims – hostage to pass legislation that guts fair pay for the middle class or endangers the safety of Nevada women and families.  That might be the standard way of operating for Republicans in Washington, but it’s not how we operate in Nevada.  At least until Michael Roberson came to power.  If Roberson cared about school construction, he would pass a clean bill that doesn’t give Nevada workers a pay cut.  He doesn’t, so he won’t.