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First Major Bill Signed by Gov. is Handout to Line the Pockets of Michael Roberson’s Campaign Donors

Las Vegas, NVNevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson released the following statement after Governor Sandoval signed the first major bill of this legislative session; construction defect legislation to line the pockets of the wealthy special interests who donate to GOP Senate boss and former Tom DeLay operative Michael Roberson’s campaign committees:

“How upside down can the priorities of Michael Roberson and legislative Republicans be that in what was supposed to be the ‘education session,’ the first major bill they send to the Governor to sign isn’t about improving education or helping Nevada schools, but rather a bill lining the pockets of their special interests campaign donors.  This bill is nothing more than a blatant handout to the wealthy special interests who bankroll Roberson’s campaign committees and only the latest sign that middle class families cannot trust Michael Roberson to fight for us.  Once again, Roberson has demonstrated that if the wealthy special interests are willing to pay, Michael Roberson and legislative Republicans will play.”