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Roberson’s Senate GOP Passes Bill Gutting Fair Pay for Working Families

Las Vegas, NV – It’s amazing how fast they can work when it involves throwing the middle class under the bus.  Today, Senate Republicans, led by former Tom DeLay operative and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson and absentee Senator Greg Brower, rammed through a partisan bill to gut fair wage requirements on school construction projects.

This comes one week after Roberson and Senate Republicans introduced a constitutional amendment to bail out corporations cheating Nevada workers out of receiving the minimum wage and only days after Republicans held a hearing on construction defect legislation that is nothing more than a blatant attempt to line the pockets of Roberson’s wealthy campaign donors.

“After threatening to hold education funding hostage last session so he could pass legislation to line the pockets of his wealthy campaign donors, Michael Roberson is now trying to hijack what was a bipartisan school construction bill and gut fair wage protections for the middle class,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “It’s a telling sign about where their priorities are that Michael Roberson, Greg Brower, and Senate Republicans could barely contain themselves for two weeks before they passed a bill gutting fair pay for working families.”