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Legislative Session Week 2 Recap: What was missing from this week?

To: Interested Parties
From: Nevada State Democratic Party
Subject:  Legislative Session Week 2 Recap: What was missing from this week?

Week two of the 78th session of the Nevada legislature is wrapping up, and the Republicans Governor Sandoval swept into power spent the week focused on seemingly every issue except what Sandoval has insisted is his top priority.

This week, we saw the Sandoval Sweep Republicans use their new majority status to focus on:

Michael Roberson’s construction defect legislation that is nothing more than a handout to the special-interests and wealthy homebuilders who bankroll Roberson’s campaign committees.

Roberson’s Senate Republicans proposing a constitutional bailout for large corporations that have cheated Nevada workers out of receiving the minimum wage.

Roberson and Senate Republicans again voting against commonsense background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

A Republican constitutional officer proposing budget cuts to services Nevadans rely on while simultaneously requesting additional tax dollars to redecorate his office.

The never-ending “chicken or the egg” saga of Assembly Republicans arguing about who allegedly extorted whom first.

To sum up: What word is missing from all of this?  Oh, right.  “Education.”  You know – the thing Brian Sandoval and Michael Roberson insisted this legislative session would be about.  We guess they’ll get around to it after Roberson and Senate Republicans are finished giving handouts to their campaign donors and enshrining the protection of corporate wage theft in Nevada’s constitution. Meet Brian Sandoval’s “New Nevada” —  you don’t have to be a wealthy special-interest to live here — but it helps…