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Week 2 of the Legislative Session & Roberson Is Already Trying to Line His Campaign Donors’ Pockets

Las Vegas, NV – Today, legislative Republicans held the first hearing of former Tom DeLay operative and GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson’s “white whale,” construction defect legislation.  This is Roberson’s third legislative session; and the third session he has made passing this legislation his top priority.  Two years ago, Roberson even threatened to hold education funding hostage to pass this legislation.  Why would Roberson be so obsessed with changing Nevada’s laws on construction defect?  Well, maybe because it would grease the pockets of the wealthy homebuilders who bankroll his campaign committees.

Since he first moved to Nevada and was elected to the state senate a few short years ago, the Kansas native has made it his life’s mission to help Nevada’s wealthy homebuilders at the expense of working families.  And the homebuilders have responded in kind; funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to Roberson or committees controlled by or affiliated with him.  If they were expecting anything in return – well, Roberson has done everything he could to repay the favor.

“Another legislative session, another attempt by Michael Roberson to line his campaign donors’ pockets,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “For all his lip service about making education funding a priority, for the third legislative session in a row Michael Roberson is borderline obsessed with trying to rig the system towards the wealthy and his special interests campaign donors.  Nevada families deserve better than a Senate Republican Leader more interested in rewarding his rich campaign donors than helping working families struggling to put food on the table.”