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MEMO: Legislative Session Week 1 Recap

To: Interested Parties
From: Nevada State Democratic Party
Subject: MEMO:Legislative Session Week 1 Recap: The “education session” that hasn’t been

In both his inaugural address and State of the State speech, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval indicated increasing education funding would be his main focus this legislative session.  Well, with week one of the 78th legislative session drawing to a close, education barely seems to be on the radar for Nevada Republicans.

In fact: the Republicans Brian Sandoval swept into power last November seem to be talking about everything but education funding.  Among the things Nevada Republicans have focused their time on this week, and the weeks preceding it, are the following:

Earlier this week, on the first day of the legislative session, one of the first actions by GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson and legislative Republicans was to threaten a partisan power-grab by initiating the possibility of an extraordinarily rare mid-decade redistricting process.

Roberson’s Senate GOP caucus hijacking Democrats’ school construction bill by gutting fair pay requirements for working families.

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske testifying in support of her voter ID scheme to make it harder to vote for seniors and military families while simultaneously citing Clark County’s elections department as a “national model” for running secure elections.

Cegavske secretly meeting with conspiracy-touting failed Senate candidate Sharron Angle two weeks ago to discuss Cegavske’s voter ID scheme.

(Attorney) General Adam Laxalt joining the lawsuit opposing President Obama’s immigration executive action last week.

Sandoval Sweep State Treasurer and financial whiz Dan Schwartzsubmitting his own budget as an alternative to Governor Sandoval’s, insulting the Governor in the process.

Police raids and more drama regarding the Assembly Republican Caucus alleged extortion scandal.

To sum up: if you look at the actions by Nevada Republicans in the last few weeks, it appears that they are paying little more than lip service to education funding and are instead pursuing a partisan ideological agenda that will not create a single job or help a single child learn.

These aren’t the priorities Nevadans care about, and they aren’t what Brian Sandoval ran on.  They aren’t what Brian Sandoval said in his inaugural address, and they aren’t what he said in his State of the State speech.  Unfortunately, they are the priorities of the Republicans Brian Sandoval campaigned for, gave money to, and ultimately swept into office last November.  This isn’t your grandfather’s Republican Party, it’s Brian Sandoval’s.

Brian Sandoval owns these reckless and extreme Republicans and their out-of-touch agenda; and Nevada Democrats will continue to hold him, Michael Roberson, Mark Hutchison, and the rest of Republicans in Carson City and Washington DC accountable.