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Roberson & Senate GOP Hijack School Construction Bill, Gut Fair Wage for Working Families

Las Vegas, NV – If denying working families fair pay is her top priority, it’s no wonder Roberson kept Becky Harris hidden in a bunker for an entire election cycle.  Today, under the orders of Senate GOP boss and former Tom DeLay operative Michael Roberson, the Republican controlled-Senate Government Affairs Committee hijacked Senate Democrats’ school construction bill and gutted fair wage requirements for working families.

“While Senate Democrats are fighting for a school construction bill that puts students and working families first, Republicans led by Michael Roberson are trying to gut fair pay requirements for middle class workers,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “We’d say we were surprised, but unfortunately it’s par for the course from a Republican caucus led by a politician who time and again puts the needs of the wealthy ahead of Nevada students and working families.  Michael Roberson, Becky Harris, and the rest of the Senate Republican caucus need to stop trying to gut protections for working families and pass a clean bill that puts students first and ensures every Nevadan has a fair shot at success, not just the wealthy.”