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NV Dems Call on Sandoval And Roberson to Disavow Any Attempts to Redraw Redistricting Maps

Las Vegas, NVNevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson released the following statement calling on Governor Brian Sandoval and GOP Senate boss and former Tom DeLay operative Michael Roberson to disavow any attempts to redraw Nevada’s redistricting maps:

“With legislative Republicans changing the joint standing rules to include language on redistricting, today Nevada Democrats are calling on Governor Sandoval and Michael Roberson to reject any attempts to redraw Nevada’s district maps before the end of the decade.  Just two months ago, Roberson’s Assistant Majority Leader, Ben Kieckhefer, praised the existing maps for being drawn by a ‘nonpartisan panel.’  We urge Nevada Republicans to not take a page from Michael Roberson’s old boss Tom DeLay’s book by trying to gerrymander district maps to make them more favorable for Republicans.  Governor Brian Sandoval and Michael Roberson should immediately disavow any attempts to rig the election system by redrawing the maps before the next census.”

Last December, Roberson’s number two in the Senate, Assistant Majority Leader Ben Kieckhefer, praised Nevada’s existing maps that were drawn by a nonpartisan panel of Special Masters.