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Friday Wrap-Up

Las Vegas, NV – Mitt Romney might be able to keep a Swiss bank account secret, but he could learn a thing or two from Barbara Cegavske on how to keep a meeting secret; well, at least until after it happens.  Ah, the eternal question: when a meeting with a conspiracy-obsessed losing Senate candidate happens in secret, and the Secretary of State’s office refuses to comment – did it happen?  Well, if you look at Barbara Cegavske’s policy agenda – yeah, it did.  And that policy agenda is scary, very scary.

So as Sharron Angle begins her term as Shadow Secretary of State, Senator “please pay attention to me” Dean Heller fumbles in a deflated press release, and Governor Sandoval’s Republican Assembly launches an opening volley against working families, this is the Friday Wrap-Up: where we would certainly confirm to press a meeting with Sharron Angle.  If only she returned our calls…


Secret Meetings Are No Fun; Secret Meetings Hurt Someone’s Credibility on Transparency

Earlier this week, Jon Ralston reported that Nevada Secretary of State – otherwise known as the “morgue of ethics reform” and a “menace to education” – Barbara Cegavske recently met with apparent Shadow Secretary of State Sharron Angle to discuss Cegavske’s voter ID scheme to make it harder to vote for seniors and military families.  Angle, who essentially blames her 6-point loss in the 2010 Senate race on hacked voting machines and Unicorns voting, has been on a crusade to make it harder for people to vote.  And now, thanks to the Sandoval Sweep, she has found a willing follower in new Secretary of State Cegavske.  Ralston reported that the two met recently to discuss Cegavske’s voter ID bill, and likely exchanged tin foil hats as an opening sign of respect.

Unfortunately, Cegavske’s office – which is responsible for ensuring transparency in the election process — refused to comment on whether the meeting actually took place.  Of course, if this secret meeting happened in the Secretary of State’s office, surely there are visitor log records of that meeting.  If she continues to meet with Angle, Cegavske may find those visitor logs to be quite a pain.  Just ask former Secretary of State Dean Heller.  Speaking of which…


Senator “Look at Me’s” Deflated Hail Mary to Get Attention

Seriously – even for Dean Heller this was pretty pathetic.  Oh, excuse us – we should address him as he bills himself in his press release, “the Senator” from Nevada.  (Side note: Who writes his press releases – “the General” Adam Laxalt?)

Never one to ignore the possibility of generating easy headlines on something that required zero effort on the part of the notoriously lazy junior Senator, (the Senator) Dean Heller sent out a press release yesterday on the New England Patriots’ “Deflategate” controversy.  We’re not going to take sides in the “Deflategate” scandal.  Why?  Because, no one cares what we think about this.  Just like they don’t care what (the Senator) Dean Heller thinks about it.  But we will mock (the Senator) Dean Heller for desperately trying to insert himself into a story that has nothing to do with him or his duties as a Senator.  Maybe the next time (the Senator) Heller wants to proactively offer his opinion on something, he should take a breath and count to ten before telling his handlers to send out a press release.  Though we look forward to reading the inevitable press release from (the Senator) Dean Heller’s office detailing his thoughts on what films made it into Sundance.


“Speaker” Who Can’t Speak for His Caucus Speaks: On Attacking Working Families

It’s unfortunate, yet not surprising, to see that Assembly Republicans can take a break from arguing about who is Speaker or who passed a note to who in homeroom for all factions of their caucus to come together and attack their common enemy: working Nevadans.  Last night, Ralston reported that the Sandoval Speaker who “can’t speak for his caucus” John Hambrick finally spoke.  Apparently, while the GOP Assembly Caucus has to debate whether or not the guy who refers to African Americans as “darkies,” the one who said he’d vote for slavery, or the one who reportedly owes a million dollars in tax liens to the IRS should serve in leadership positions, they have no problem in coming together to attack collective bargaining.  This caucus is truly a piece of work.  Have fun with that, Governor.