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Sharron Angle Helping Write Cegavske’s Voter ID Scheme

Las Vegas, NV – Sadly, this is not surprising… This morning, Jon Ralstonreported that Secretary of State, “morgue of ethics reform,” and “menace to education” Barbara Cegavske met with failed U.S. Senate candidate and book author Sharron Angle to discuss Cegavske’s voter ID scheme to make it harder to vote for Nevada seniors and military families.  Because – well – why wouldn’t she?

Oddly – Cegavske’s office doesn’t seem to want Nevadans to know about her meeting with Angle.  Ralston reported that the Secretary of State’s office refused to comment on Angle’s secret meeting with Cegavkse.  We can’t imagine why Cegavske wouldn’t want Nevadans to know that apparent election law expert Sharron Angle is writing Cegavske’s election bills.  Well – actually – we can.

“With all due respect to Sharron Angle’s expertise on the law, we would suggest if Barbara Cegavske needs help writing her bills, she should ask an election law lawyer, not a conspiracy-touting failed United States Senate candidate,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Barbara Cegavske’s voter ID scheme would make it harder to vote for seniors and military families and is nothing more than a partisan attempt to help Republicans hold onto power.  And now – her bill has Sharron Angle as its face.  If Governor Sandoval meant what he said last week he should immediately disavow Cegavske and Angle’s bill that would restrict Nevada seniors and veterans’ right to vote.”