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On Day of Sandoval’s State of the State, NV Dems Launch MeetTheSweep.com to Highlight the State of Sandoval’s Republican Party

Las Vegas, NV – Today, on the morning of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s State of the State address, Nevada Democrats launched a new website to highlight the state of Brian Sandoval’s Republican Party.  The website, MeetTheSweep.com, will be updated throughout the 2015 legislative session to highlight reckless Republican policies that hurt working families while also exposing to Nevadans some of the candidates Brian Sandoval and his running mate, Lieutenant Governor and out-of-touch millionaire Mark Hutchison, swept into power.

The “starting lineup” of the Sandoval Sweep featured on the launch of MeetTheSweep.com is:

The Sandoval Sweep’s on-again off-again GOP Assembly Leader Michele Fiore.  Fiore, star of the cult classic “Siren,” is a TEA Party extremist who has been on a crusade to chair the Assembly Taxation Committee despite reportedly facing over a million dollars in tax liens for withholding payroll taxes from her employees but not sending the withholdings to the IRS.

Fiore’s counterpart in the State Senate, former Tom DeLay operative and Republican Senate Leader Michael Roberson. Roberson has spent the last few legislative sessions trying to weaken collective bargaining for public employees, voted for a Nevada Hobby Lobby bill that would let corporate bosses make decisions that should be made between a woman and her doctor, and last session even threatened to hold education funding hostage to pass legislation to financially benefit his big campaign donors.

Sandoval Sweep Freshman Class Assemblyman John Moore.  Moore has faced a number of criminal and civil charges and tax liens in multiple states, including DWI, DUI and charges for domestic violence in Clark County in 2009.

The “General” of the Sandoval Sweep, (Attorney) General and all-around trainwreck Adam Laxalt. Laxalt, who was described as a “trainwreck” lawyer in performance reviews at his former law firm, has never prosecuted a case in NevadaHe has threatened to sue the Obama Administration over the President’s immigration executive action –calling President Obama an “emperor” in the process — and his appointments for two of his top deputies have little to no legal experience in Nevada.

Sandoval Sweep Assemblyman and the other “actor” in the GOP Assembly Caucus Steve Silberkraus. Before being elected to the Assembly, Silberkrauswho used his mother’s maiden name as his stage name, had a speaking role in a “film” called “The Pet.”  In the film, women are led on leashes, put in cages, hung upside down from a tree and branded with a hot iron, and otherwise treated as objects.  That’ll help Republicans’ problem with female voters.

Incoming Sandoval Sweep Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair and now nationally-known columnist Ira Hansen.  Hansen became a house hold name nationally when news broke of his columns which, among other things, called African Americans “darkies,” and compared undocumented immigrants to home intruders.  Beyond his dated and offensive views, Hansen is expected to chair the Assembly Judiciary Committee despite his repeated violations of Nevada law.

More members of the Sandoval Sweep will be highlighted regularly over the legislative session.

“Brian Sandoval and his running mate Mark Hutchison can try to distance themselves from these extreme and out-of-touch Republicans all they want, but the reality is this isn’t your grandfather’s Republican Party — it’s Brian Sandoval’s,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange.  “This website will help expose the type of Republicans Governor Sandoval and Lieutenant Governor Hutchison brought into power and hold Republicans accountable for their reckless agenda that will hurt Nevada women, seniors, and working families.”