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Friday Wrap-Up

Las Vegas, NV – Nope, neither do we.  But here was our response just in case.

In other news, apparently, it takes more than an indictment and a failed RNC convention bid to squash the legacy of the Chinese Government’s favorite former Lieutenant Governor!  Co-Governor…excuse us… Lieutenant Governor and out-of-touch millionaire Mark Hutchison was sworn-in this week to fulfill his campaign promise of being the most consequential Lieutenant Governor in Nevada history.  But while Hutch’s fellow Sandoval-Sweep constitutional officers, General Trainwreck Adam Laxalt and ethically challenged Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, rebranded the websites they inherited from their predecessors within minutes of being sworn in, Hutchison went a different route and waited until this morning – 4 days after being sworn in—to rebrand the site from his predecessor.

We guess Hutchison decided that the legacy of Brian Krolicki is so historical that his website just had to be preserved for a few extra days.  But we’ll let the history books tell the tale of Brian Krolicki’s tenure as Lieutenant Governor; we hope for Krolicki’s sake it goes better than the tale of his tenure as State Treasurer.

Because as The (call me sir) General holds secret meetings, Barbara Cegavske barely wastes a breath before trying to make it harder to vote, and Cresent Hardy again makes national headlines for a boneheaded comment, this is the Friday Wrap-Up: where we hope to keep you awake longer than a Brian Sandoval inaugural speech.  Or at least until the intermission…

Call him General, But Don’t Call Him Transparent

Yesterday, General Trainwreck, otherwise known as Adam Laxalt, announced a law enforcement panel that the General generously offered to allow media and the public to witness.  Well, until the General said he will make members of the media and the public leave the room after a certain point.

According to the Review-Journal, Laxalt, the General, was giving Nevadans a brief glance behind the curtain on his plans for the (Attorney)General’s office before closing the curtain on the panel as fast as he did on his records as a Naval lawyer.  We can’t imagine why Adam Laxalt thinks Nevada families don’t deserve to hear what their (Attorney) General and law enforcement officials think about public safety.  Then again – we can’t imagine the (Attorney) General not knowing the difference between the open meetings and public records laws, respectively.  Ladies and gentlemen… meet your new (Attorney) General Trainwreck.

Cegavske’s Opening Volley Against Seniors and Military Families

Within moments of being sworn in as Secretary of State, career politician, “morgue of ethics reform,” and “menace to education” Barbara Cegavske initiated her attempted Republican power grab that will make it harder to vote for seniors and military families.  In the second sentence of her first press release as Secretary of State, Cegavske announced her intentions to pursue a reckless voter id scheme that will impede seniors and members of the military from voting.  Cegavske even had the audacity to talk about the “integrity of our election system.” This from someone who has fought every attempt at reforming Nevada murky ethics and campaign finance laws.  Irony, thy name is Cegavske.

Cresent Hardy Makes a Boneheaded Comment – News at 11

Accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy again made national headlines yesterday for all the wrong reasons.  Earlier this week, Hardy told the Reno Gazette-Journal that becoming a member of Congress was “becoming a second class citizen.”  Sure – it’s really tough living on a six-figure salary on the taxpayers’ dime.  Of course, this isn’t the first dumb comment to come out of Cliven Bundy’s most powerful supporter’s mouth.  Beyond his standing with Bundy even after Bundy’s infamous racist rant, Hardy has said he agreed with corporate layoff specialist Mitt Romney’s “47% comment,” compared employment non-discrimination laws to “segregation,” and talks offensively about people driving “Escalades” in “welfare districts.”  Perhaps that explains why Hardy felt the need to say this last week.  Again – don’t “shoot yourself,” Congressman.  Just stop saying stupid and offensive things.  And we’re still waiting for you to explain to us what a “welfare district” is.