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VIDEO: Cresent Hardy: “If anything I read in the papers was true about me, I ought to go shoot myself”

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, in an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, accidental Congressman and Cliven Bundy’s most powerful supporter Cresent Hardy bemoaned the tragic plight of Congressmen making six figure taxpayer-funded salaries. Hardy told the RGJ “when you are elected to Congress you now become a second-class citizen because we work for ‘we the people…’”  Ugh…what?

But this isn’t the first boneheaded thing to come out of Hardy’s mouth.  Hardy’s penchant for saying head-scratching and often offensive things hasn’t been lost on the Congressman who gets his talking points from corporate layoff specialist Mitt Romney.  At a town hall meeting in Mesquite on New Years Eve, Hardy told the crowd “if anything I read in the papers was true about me, I ought to go shoot myself.”

Well…that’s a tad hyperbolic.  How about instead of “shooting yourself,” Congressman, you stop saying things like:

“Can I say that without getting in trouble like Governor Romney? The 47 percent is true. It’s bigger now.” [Ralston Reports, 9/24/2014]

Hardy compared the Employment Non Discrimination Act to Segregation [Ralston Reports, 2/19/2014]

Hardy discussed people driving “Escalades” in “welfare districts.” [Hispanic in Politics breakfast, 2/19/2014]

Hardy in October of 2014 (long after Bundy’s racist “let me tell you about the negro” comments): “I stand with Cliven Bundy…”[KSNV, 10/7/2014]

So given all these comments, perhaps Hardy’s “second class citizen” gaffe doesn’t seem as bad.  But if past is prologue, this won’t be the last stupid thing Cresent Hardy says that embarrasses Nevada in his short two years in Congress.  Thanks for that, Co-Governor Sandoval!