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On Day 1 as SOS, Ethically Challenged Barbara Cegavske Initiates Attempted GOP Power Grab That Will Hurt Seniors & Military Families

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, within hours of being sworn-in as Secretary of State — and possibly before she even unpacked the U-Haul she undoubtedly will bill the taxpayers for — career politician, “morgue of ethics reform,” and “menace to education” Barbara Cegavske issued a press release confirming she will pursue a reckless Republican power grab that would make it harder to vote for Nevada seniors and military families. No – really – it was the second sentence in her first press release as Secretary of State.

Even more laughable – in the same sentence announcing her attempted Republican power grab, Cegavske talked about her commitment to maintaining the integrity of Nevada’s elections. Integrity?  Please — this is from the same politician who has spent two decades trying to kill nearly every attempt at reforming Nevada’s ethics laws, charged the taxpayers thousands of dollars for travel expenses and even billed the state to redecorate her office.  That’s a lot of things, but it isn’t “integrity.”

“Barbara Cegavske’s ‘voter ID’ scheme will make it harder for seniors and military families to vote and is nothing more than a blatant partisan attempt to help Republicans hold onto power,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Moreover, an ethically challenged career politician who charges taxpayers to redecorate her office is the last person to talk about ‘integrity.’  If Brian Sandoval actually means what he said yesterday about bipartisanship and rejecting “ideologues” he will call on Barbara Cegavske to abandon this partisan Republican power grab.”