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NV Dems Statement on Governor Sandoval and Mark Hutchison Being Sworn In Today

Las Vegas, NVNevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange released the following statement on Governor Brian Sandoval and Lieutenant Governor-elect and out of touch millionaire Mark Hutchison being sworn in today:

“While we anticipate Governor Sandoval will talk about increasing education funding in his speech today, the inconvenient truth is that the candidates Brian Sandoval swept into office are focused on everything but improving education.  From restricting women’s access to preventative healthcare, to making it harder to vote for senior citizens and military families, to threatening to sue President Obama over his immigration executive action, the Republicans Brian Sandoval and his running mate Mark Hutchison brought into power are focused on a reckless ideological agenda that will not create a single job or help a single student in public schools.

“Governor Sandoval and Lieutenant Governor-elect Hutchison will try to distance themselves from the Republican clown show in the Assembly and the incoming trainwreck in the Attorney General’s office.  They’ll try to avoid commenting on controversial legislation their legislators will sponsor and partisan lawsuits their Attorney General will file. But the reality is Governor Sandoval endorsed and donated to most of these Republican legislators and constitutional officers.  Brian Sandoval and Mark Hutchison brought these Republicans into power; now they have to deal with the consequences.  I urge them and their fellow Republicans to abandon their attacks on workers, women’s health, public education, and voting rights and work with Democrats to create jobs, increase education funding, and ensure economic opportunity for everyone, not just the wealthy.”