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Friday Wrap-Up

Las Vegas, NV – The Governor is going to need a bigger broom…

Well, like a bad habit, the Friday Wrap-Up is back for a pre-Holiday reminder that the only thing more entertaining than reading an Adam Laxalt performance review is watching the Socratic wonder that is Brian Sandoval and Mark Hutchison’s Assembly Republican Majority.  Yes – we write this knowing the Assembly Republican leadership can change faster than Mark Hutchison can deny he’s a personal injury attorney.  However, it’s important to remember that none of these Republicans would be in positions of power without the architects of the Hutchoval Sweep: Governor Brian Sandoval and Lieutenant Governor-Elect(and out-of-touch millionaire) Mark Hutchison.  Ladies and gentlemen – meet the Sweep.  We’re guessing this isn’t the “New Nevada” Brian Sandoval was referencing on election night, but it’s the “New Nevada” the Governor reaped.  Let’s see what he sowed.

So as Brian Sandoval and Mark Hutchison struggle to sweep their “Sweep” under the rug, and Adam Laxalt recruits the best and the brightest…err…inexperienced and partisan — this is the Friday Wrap-Up, where you don’t have to be endorsed by Brian Sandoval to succeed.  Just ask Rick Perry.  Oops…

Sandoval Struggles to Sweep the Sweep Under the Rug

Hickey. Hansen.  Anderson.  Hambrick.  Just when you thought one of them was out, Assembly Republican incompetence pulls them back in.  We don’t know who will be in charge by the time this press release goes out, much less who will be running the Assembly when the legislative session actually begins.  But whether it’s the Republican who roots for minorities not to vote, or the one who wrote racist, homophobic, and misogynistic columns, or the one who faces over a million dollars in tax liens and defended Cliven Bundy, or the one who said he would vote for slavery if his constituents wanted it, Brian Sandoval supported almost every member of the Assembly Republican caucus.  Team Hutchoval can try to sweep their Sweep under the rug all they like; but they’re going to find very quickly that there aren’t many Assembly Republicans without skeletons in their closets that could embarrass the Governor.  Believe us, we know.  Call it a “pet” project of ours.

The Laxalt A-Team

“Train Wrecks of a feather collide together” appears to be the rallying cry for incoming Attorney General-Elect Adam Laxalt’s Administration.  Laxalt announced this week that a failed candidate for office in another state was Laxalt’s appointment to be Nevada’s next solicitor general.  The appointee, Lawrence VanDyke, made a name for himself in Montana politics by arguing against a woman’s right to choose and being widely perceived to be inexperienced and unqualified as an attorney.  We’d like to say we were surprised by the Train Wreck-Elect appointing someone whose former colleagues said lacked the work ethic, maturity, and legal skills to perform his job.  But then again – we’ve read about Adam Laxalt’s performance reviews.

Speaking of the Train Wreck-Elect, Univision reported this week that Laxalt refused to comment on whether he will join other Republican Attorneys General in suing the federal government over President Obama’s executive action to keep families together.  Univision and Jon Ralston tried to get Laxalt’s benefactor, Brian Sandoval, to comment on whether he supports Nevada joining the lawsuit.  Sandoval, like his incoming Attorney General Laxalt, refused to comment.  But given Adam Laxalt’s indications he will be an activist Attorney General who will push a divisive ideological agenda, something tells us Team Hutchoval can’t stay silent forever.  Again – the Governor is going to need a bigger broom…