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Do Sandoval and Hutchison Support Train Wreck-Elect’s Lawsuit Threats, Anti-Choice Appointments?

Las Vegas, NV – One day after refusing to tell Univision whether he will join other Republican Attorneys General in suing the Obama Administration over President Obama’s executive action to keep families together, train wreck Attorney General-Elect Adam Laxalt announced the hiring of a reported anti-choice politician to serve as solicitor general.  Laxalt’s appointment, Montana politician Lawrence VanDyke, has been criticized for his inexperience (sound familiar?) and argued that Roe V. Wade should be “reconsidered” “in light of compelling evidence of fetal pain.”

Throughout his campaign, and since the election, Laxalt has indicated he will be an activist Attorney General whose priorities will be suing the federal government and pushing a partisan, ideological agenda, not protecting Nevada families.  Indeed, Jon Ralston reported this morning that Laxalt’s Attorney General office will be “the most ideological conservative” in Nevada history.  So far, Laxalt’s threats to sue the federal government and anti-choice appointments have been met with collective silence by Governor Brian Sandoval and his running mate, out-of-touch millionaire and Lieutenant Governor-Elect Mark Hutchison.  Both Sandoval and Hutchison opposed President Obama’s executive action to prevent Nevada DREAMers from being deported.  Hutchoval endorsed Laxalt’s campaign and Sandoval even allowed Laxalt to use the Governor’s endorsement in advertisements.  According to Univision, and Ralston, Sandoval refused to comment on whether he supports Nevada joining the lawsuit challenging the President’s executive action.

“Instead of focusing on protecting Nevada families, Brian Sandoval and Mark Hutchison’s Attorney General-Elect is making clear he will push a partisan political agenda that would see families continue to be torn apart and restrict women’s access to preventative healthcare,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Brian Sandoval and Mark Hutchison brought Adam Laxalt into power, and they owe Nevadans an explanation on whether they support their incoming Attorney General’s immigration lawsuit threats and anti-women’s health appointments.”