Sharron Angle’s McProblem: McCain Visit Highlights Contrast on Nevada’s Most Pressing Issues

While Sen. Reid fights to create Nevada jobs, Sharron “not my job to create jobs” Angle welcomes Sen. “Screw Nevada” McCain to campaign in Vegas

LAS VEGAS – While Sen. Reid continues to campaign aggressively in the final days of the campaign on his commitment to fight for Nevada jobs and his unique ability to deliver for our state in tough economic times, Sharron Angle will welcome failed presidential candidate John McCain to a rally in Las Vegas tonight. Despite the fact Angle proclaimed just a few months ago "I don’t trust McCain," she will campaign right by his side because he's one of the few people who will.  And why not?  They both share a vision that's dangerous to Nevada's economy.

Angle has famously stated it’s not the job of a US Senator to fight for jobs, that out-of-work Nevadans are “spoiled” by emergency unemployment benefits, and that she wouldn’t have lifted a finger to save 22,000 Nevada jobs at CityCenter, as Sen. Reid did. 

McCain, meanwhile, espouses an economic agenda that would be equally devastating for Nevada. Like Sharron Angle, McCain supports shipping nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain (just 90 miles from the Las Vegas Strip) Sen. Reid fought successfully to kill. Economists have suggested that a single accident – or even perception of danger of an accident – would devastate Nevada’s tourism industry, making tough economic times far, far worse.  

McCain is also rabidly anti-gaming and has introduced legislation that would ban legal sports betting in Nevada on all college sporting events – a key source of revenue for Nevada’s gaming industry that draws thousands of visitors for events like March Madness. Angle is also heavily backed by anti-gaming forces, receiving support from the anti-gaming Campaign For Working Families. Top gaming officials have noted Angle’s election would be a serious threat to our state’s “lifeblood gambling industry.”

Further, McCain is a vociferous opponent of the rapidly-growing, revenue-generating mixed martial arts industry, calling the Nevada-based UFC “repugnant” and “barbaric.” Sen. Reid is an ardent supporter of UFC, and has received the endorsement of president Dana White and many of the sport’s top fighters. UFC events have exploded in popularity, and draw tourists to Nevada from around the world and provide substantial economic benefit to our state.  

“Sharron Angle and John McCain both espouse an extreme agenda that would have a devastating impact on Nevada’s economy, making tough economic times substantially worse,” said Nevada State Democratic Party communications director Phoebe Sweet. “From their strong anti-gaming, anti-tourism agenda to their commitment to resurrecting Yucca Mountain to their heartless agenda to kick out-of-work Nevadans off unemployment, Sharron Angle and John McCain constitute an extremely dangerous threat to Nevada’s economic future.”