Poultry Protest Over Mitt Romney’s t to Cut Off Funding for PBS to Pay for More Tax Breaks to Big Oil



Rare joint-appearance by “Decoy Duck” and famous “NV Dems Chicken” to stand in solidarity with “Big Bird” against Mitt Romney


Las Vegas, NV – Today, in response to corporate layoff specialist Mitt Romney pledging at Wednesday night’s debate to cut off funding for PBS so he can give more tax breaks to Big Oil – with Romney particularly singling out Big Bird as one of his targets – Nevada Democrats took Decoy Duck and the Famous NV Dems Chicken out of the bird cage.  The 2012 Poultry Protest was the Duck and the Chicken's first joint appearance together this election cycle.  In solidarity with their fellow member of the Aves class -- Big Bird -- the Duck and the Chicken protested Romney’s pledge to crack down on Sesame Street instead of Wall Street.   



As a testament to the risk Mitt Romney poses to PBS, not a single “Big Bird” costume could be found in the entire Las Vegas Valley for use in this protest.


Photo of today’s protest: