Ensign Staffers Cleared to Testify Before Grand Jury

Senate Suspends Rule Against Staffers Testifying, Yet Angle Still Cozy with Ensign

POLITICO and Jon Ralston are reporting that the Senate has suspended a rule against staffers testifying in order to allow Ensign staffers to testify against him in a grand jury investigation convened by the Department of Justice. This is devastating news for Ensign and another sign that his political career is coming to an end.

The Ensign investigation began after Ensign admitted a lengthy affair with a campaign staffer who was married to his chief of staff and a subsequent $96,000 payment from Ensign’s parents to the couple to buy their silence.

Information about the affair and the illegal activity that followed has continued to trickle out for more than a year. But still GOP candidates Sharron Angle and Brian Sandoval have been cozy with Ensign on the campaign trail.

Sandoval said this week on Jon Ralston’s Face to Face that he would campaign with Ensign and Angle.

Ralston: You said the last time you were on this program, I think, that you would welcome John Ensign’s support. Are we going to see you and John Ensign and Sharron Angle together saying, ‘This is the top of the ticket for Nevada’?

Sandoval: It’s very likely.

Angle and Ensign were likewise cozy as they paraded through the Capitol in June, when Ensign introduced her at the Senate Republican Caucus luncheon. Ensign even spoke to the media on Angle’s behalf after she rushed away from the DC press corps, refusing to answer their questions.

Ever the gentleman, Ensign told POLITICO, Ensign said he was willing to go the extra mile to help Angle’s campaign. “If there’s any advice I can offer you, if there’s anything I can do for you, whatever it is … you got my cell phone number, call me anytime,” Ensign said.

It was a stark reversal from her GOP primary campaign comments, when she waived off Ensign overtures, saying: “If your wife can't trust you, how can I trust you?”

"After that 180, voters must be wondering how they could trust Angle," said Phoebe Sweet communications director for the Nevada Democratic Party.  "Angle always says don't read her lips, and I guess we now know why: whenever they are moving lies come out.  Otherwise, why is she still hanging around with the likes of Ensign."


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